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Tryouts are often a very busy, anxious time for players and their families. At NextGen, we want athletes to understand our methods for selecting a team and help build the confidence muscle that it’s not all about skills. Below are some questions asked of our Sporting Director Adam DeClerico. See his bio here.

What can an athlete do to prepare for tryouts?

AD: This can be different depending on environment, age group and gender. Make sure to enjoy a laid back evening the night before. Spend time with family and stay away from a lot of time on electronics. Eliminate distractions when it comes to sleep time too. In the week leading up to tryouts, start putting back the daily required amount of water for 5-7 days in a row. This will help with dehydration during performance. After a good nights sleep, get a balance breakfast (checkout this pre-match video from Ben Coomber with FourFourTwo). Fruits, veggies and some fats. Bring a light snackbar for afterwards. At NextGen, we have a Nutritionist on staff to help with athlete guidance throughout the competitive season.

Most importantly, express a love for the game and a hunger to participate.

What makes a player stand out at tryouts?

AD: At NextGen, we are looking at the holistic results. Athletes can possess many strengths that would make them a good fit for our Academy. We often refer to “Controlling the Controllables”. These controllables are attitude, work-rate, decision making and attentiveness. In addition, we love when athletes show calmness during high pressure situations. How do they react during a time when they can challenge another player? Does the player greet the coaches and show a positive attitude? And how does the player handle adversity. And finally, how has the player impacted the test.

What are the ‘special moments’ you refer to at NextGen as being the differentiators?

This goes back to how a player deals with adversity. We are looking for character elements of an athlete. These times of failure exist at every level, how an athlete handles those moments are what helps define their journey. This is why we have a mental performance coach, to help guide players during the mental journey.

Can you share any lessons from your own experiences during tryouts?

Providing a transparent experience from coach to athlete is important. Not every single movement or decision is being criticized. One of the beautiful parts of our game is the fluidity and ability to recover from a poor decision. Our staff wants athletes to stretch the limits and not hold back. Be yourself and trust yourself.

What can a family expect at the NextGen tryouts?

We are managing our staff and coaches like professionals. Families can expect better at NextGen. We are going to elevate the experience and provide players with a better sense of belief in their desire to become an elite athlete.



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