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July 27, 20204093

From the NextGen Mental Strength Coach, Josh Kozuch, after his session on 7/18:

I really enjoyed my time with our Athletes Saturday night. Just a quick recap for everyone, the topic that we discussed was attentional control (commonly known as focus). I introduced the Athletes first to what I do and then mentioned how our brains are something that can be trained/strengthened just like anything else. From there we broke into a discussion about what are typical distractions that they face on the soccer field. Some of the athlete-generated responses were:

  • Other teams
  • Teammates
  • Parents
  • Family
  • Coaches
  • Schoolwork
  • Weather
  • Failure
  • Other players talking smack
  • Refs

Those were common themes. From there we talked about “Ok, we are going to have distractions everywhere. Not only at practice and games but in other situations. In the classroom, at home, etc. How do you handle that?”

Again, I opened it up to the groups and got their responses before sharing what I really like to stress. Some common responses were:

  • Focus only on playing the game
  • Listen to my coaches
  • Remember to have fun
  • Think positive
  • Deep breath
  • Try to clear your mind
  • Focus on the next play
  • Prepare
  • Have a goal

Really great answers and all are helpful ways. A phrase I like to use with athletes when they notice they are having trouble focusing is “Be where your feet are”. When we are distracted and not focused it is because we are not being fully present. We are not living in the moment and notice things that aren’t helpful to our performance. By remembering to be where our feet are, it serves as a reminder that ‘hey, my feet are right here on this field, or in the classroom, or at the dinner table, that is also where my mind should be.’

  • Josh