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December 16, 20204877

Next Generation Soccer Academy is excited to announce a partnership with Trace. Trace will help the club provide data-driven value to players, parents, and coaches. With year-round access to Trace, teams will be utilizing the platform to film unlimited matches, stay on top of recruiting with Trace iD, and receive custom Trace Workshops for both athletes and coaches.

“Next Generation Soccer Academy is dedicated to athlete excellence on and off the pitch, as well as enhancing soccer IQ. Like NextGen, Trace has a championship mindset and their technology will greatly enhance the experience for our athletes and coaches,” says the Owner and Sporting Director of NextGen, Adam DeClerico. “We are beyond excited to partner with Trace and are looking forward to our mission of being the best soccer Academy in the country.”

Through partnering with Trace, NextGen Soccer Academy will be able to provide it’s players and coaches with tools for consistent player development throughout it’s academy. With personalized Moment playlists for each player, their coaches can provide 1-on-1 feedback and players are able to save their best Moments to Trace iD to send to college coaches across the country.


1. Provide a video tool that automates all the moments and data from a match, delivering real insights within a day or 2 of competition
2. Provide data that will hold athletes accountable for their performance metrics, no longer being a “feeling” but instead fact
3. Recruiting tool for college and professional clubs (more on this to come!)
4. Elevate the experience for our athletes by using a wearable device during a match


In the coming days or weeks, your athletes will be exposed to using the devices during a match and subsequently receiving data, video clips and stat comparisons. It is helpful to understand the platform and how to work it. A great feature is that you do not need to download an app.
Click here to a view a step-by-step tutorial on navigating the platform!


The link here will help in better understanding how to effectively use the report and understanding how certain data points are calculated.
For example: One metric the tool measures is “Max Effort”. Max Efforts are the number of times a player performed on the field at an intensity close to his or her physical limit.
How’s it calculated? To determine an athletes physical limit Trace looks across the entire match and identifies all physical exertion segments. It then identifies the segments that have the best combination of speed, acceleration, direction change, and distance covered over a timespan of more than 1 second. Any effort at the top 20% of all segments is a ‘Max Effort.’


We are excited that this tool will engage the athletes to sit down and analyze their moments in the match. Understand how those moments tie into the teaching from our coaching staff and the style of play we demand.
Also, athletes will spend time reviewing the clips with their coaches, reviewing specific moments. and assign athletes a moment or set of moments to review. After analyzing the video and stats, athletes may be asked to deliver a short video recapping several key moments. Tying it all back to the #nextgenway.

This really is an exciting step for NextGen.