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June 18, 2022

After just two short years, Next Generation Soccer Academy Boys Academy has been promoted to the coveted ECNL Regional League. This promotion comes off a wildly successful season, with many of our teams’ winning showcases, tournaments, regular season and even making the National Cup. ECNL Regional League is part of the ECNL umbrella. The promotion from NPL to ECNL-R (Regional League) provides NextGen with the most competitive opportunities for young soccer athletes in the community. ECNL-R is limited to just 14 clubs/academies in FL. ECNL is arguably the nation’s leading youth soccer platform, providing incredible pathways and credibility to those that participate. The ECNL Regional Leagues have been a platform for clubs to advance and grow to a potential spot in the ECNL. The Regional Leagues have also included a showcase element that has added interest from college scouts.

“We are thrilled to welcome this club into the ECNL Regional League for the 2022-23 season,” said ECNL Boys Commissioner Jason Kutney. “The growth of the Regional League platform has been significant over this past year, showing the clear desire of clubs to align within a club pathway as they, in turn, offer that same pathway to their athletes. We will continue our efforts to create opportunities for philosophically aligned clubs to become a part of this mission.”

“We are looking forward to the streamlined pathway to national competition opportunities for some of our teams, while also looking for a league schedule that compliments a more rigorous and challenging demand we have for our athletes,” said Adam DeClerico, Founder and Sporting Director of Next Generation Soccer Academy. “This opportunity was made possible by our committed coaches, athletes and their families. Without their dedication to the #NextGenWay, we would just be ‘another club’. Instead, we have single-handedly raised the bar in this area to a place it hasn’t seen before.”

“We value the importance of surrounding ourselves with like-minded, professionally run clubs to create a positive and challenging game day experience,” said DeClerico. “The addition of ECNL-R advances our goals and puts us in a position to give our athletes to the next level experience of either collegiate or professional.”

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