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Next Generation Development Program


Next Generation Soccer Academy provides the stepping stones to our Jr. Academy with the Next Generation Development Program (NGDP). It provides training from our Academy coaches to athletes that are U8 and U9. The program is designed to raise the standards learning our training curriculum, providing players with the chance to learn training techniques and methods just like the top Academy players.

In today’s youth soccer climate, players need to touch the ball repetitively and focus on footwork. This is crucial to our NextGen Player Development athletes as they start to upgrade their efforts. The foundation of having healthy and happy players is important to the overall success of our program. We recognize tailoring a program to the child’s age is the only way to help them grow. If we ask a 5 year old to pass the ball, that is psychological the opposite of what they are coded to do. By the time an athlete in our Academy has reached NGDP, they are skilled with the ball and working off the field just as much.

Below are the details for our NextGen Development Program. We look forward to seeing you on the pitch!

Program Information

  • 7-8 month season
  • Two league seasons
    • Fall: September to December
    • Spring: January to April
  • $995 per year
    • Cost includes field rental, coaching, mental strength coaches, nutritionist, CoreSRQ membership and insurance
    • Cost does not cover tournaments, uniforms or coaching travel expenses
    • Click here to register
  • 2 session per week
    • Each 90 minutes
  • 12-14 matches per season (25 matches over the whole year)
    • Matches are played on Saturday and/or Sunday
    • Consists of two-25 minute halves
  • 2-3 Tournaments per Season
    • Dependent on availability and setting the right expectations


Length of Season

Practices Per Week


U8 and U9

6 months


Updating soon

Program Benefits

  • Players will get a lot of touches!
  • Age Appropriate curriculum
  • Periodization training model
  • Tournament Refueling stations
  • Expertly trained coaching staff
  • Focus on learning while having fun
  • Access to Nutritionist
  • Access to Mental Strength Coaches
  • Crossing training at CoreSRQ
  • No missed sessions because of rainouts
  • On-going education through Value Code
  • Provides access to future NextGen programming

2022/23 Tryout Registration

Tryouts for the 2022/23 Competitive season are coming May 1st, 2022. To be added to our email list and receive updates, please complete the form below.

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There are often questions that pop-up before, during and after tryouts. See below for some of the most common ones.
How do I signup for Tryouts?

Online registration is available on the TRYOUTS INFORMATION PAGE here. It is strongly recommended to pre-register for tryouts. Pre-registration will speed up the player’s check-in at their first trial session. Pre-registration closes at midnight the day before trying out. If you can not pre-register, you are allowed to walk up registration. Registrants who walk up must have a parent or guardian present to sign the waiver of medical and liability.

What can we expect at tryouts?

Our teams are formed through a tryout process for athletes. NextGen prides itself on having a unique, functional tryout process. A numbered tryout jersey is assigned to each player to be worn at each tryout session. During the tryout, athletes are known by that particular jersey number. Coaches can base their choices on the skill and ability of the athletes shown during the tryouts. Athletes will receive an evaluation from age group coaches after the last tryout session.

What should the player bring to Tryouts?

Players are expected to wear their soccer shoes, shin guards and bring a water bottle, and dress for the weather. Please carry a copy of your birth certificate or passport to the first tryout session if you’re new to the club (it will be returned to you). Please do not wear any clothes from past clubs / teams or uniform pieces.

What is the process should a tryouts session be cancelled or rescheduled?

Tryout sessions may be rescheduled or cancelled due to severe weather conditions. If you are pre-registered, we will send out any last-minute cancellations or rescheduling updates via email. We also encourage you to follow our social media channels.

Should the athlete attend all tryout dates?

For your age group, we recommend that you attend all the tryout sessions. The more sessions you attend, the greater the chance that your talents will be seen by the head coach and the supporting staff.  If there is an inevitable conflict for your age with all of the classes, or if you are sick or injured, please contact us. A supplementary session can, under certain conditions, be arranged for an athlete.

What if my athlete is hurt during the tryout dates?

If you’re injured and unable to perform at tryouts, you’ll need to report and carry your doctor’s note explaining the injury along with an estimation of when you can start training. The Academy can then arrange a date with the Athlete to attend a team training session and be evaluated and possibly eligible for a team. A jersey number will be assigned to injured athletes, and their injury will be recorded on the evaluator sheets of the tryout.

How is my athlete notified of a spot on a team?

Roster spots may be discussed during the tryout sessions. The coaches for the respective teams will continue to finalize rosters through phone calls to the selected players once tryouts are completed. The A team leader must first complete their rosters, then the team coaches B, C, etc. While our goal is to have everybody informed within 48 hours, this depends on the ability of the coach to meet athlete / parents and athlete involvement. After the final tryout session you can help the process by sticking close to your phones. When the coach calls, a decision on an offer is expected. You should be thinking ahead of time about the different offers you may get so you can give the coach a reply immediately.

After the age group’s final tryout session the coaches must discuss their picks with the Coaching Directors.

  • U13 – U19 play 11v11 and will have a roster of 16-18 players on a team
  • U11 and U12 play 9v9 and will have a roster of 12-15 players on a team
  • U9 and U10 play 7v7 and will have a roster of 10-12 players on a team

All players will receive a call from a NextGen Coach or Director, regardless if they have been selected for a team.

Team Commitments are Taken Seriously

Whenever an athlete makes a commitment to Next Generation Soccer Academy by accepting a coach-extended offer, the commitment will not be taken lightly. When making an offer to an athlete, Next Generation Soccer Academy takes careful consideration and each athlete should do the same to make their decision to accept a roster spot. When a athlete violates their commitment, we’re not only going to have lost one athlete but we’re going to have lost another athlete who’d commit and fill the roster spot. When a athlete undertakes to join a team, it is for one seasonal year of play and one full year of payment to Next Generation Soccer Academy. Accordingly, Next Generation Soccer Academy follows a strict “no refund” policy. Once an athlete has committed to a team from the Next Generation Soccer Academy they are expected to commit for the full year.

Are returning athletes given preference?

The tryouts are an open process, and the selection is based on the ability and skill displayed by athletes during the tryouts. Returning athletes are being evaluated throughout the previous season and those evaluations are taken into consideration.

My athlete would like to play, but I may not be able to afford it. Is there financial assistance?

Next Generation Soccer Academy has a financial assistance plan for those who are unable to bear the full cost of playing. Please complete the Application for Financial Aid and apply to the Office. Please be sure that all the financial documents are turned in with the application. Under the About Us section on our website, you can find the financial aid application.

How do I register my athlete for a team?

Once you’ve received a telephone call from the Next Generation Soccer Academy coach and accepted a position on the team, you’ll receive an email with registration instructions. You will need to submit a copy of the athlete’s birth certificate or passport during the registration process, as well as a headshot for the ID card. You’ll also be asked to enter your athlete’s personal history and medical insurance details. The Medical Release Form, Parent and Athlete Conduct Codes are done electronically and sent via email at the end of the registration. The deadline for these will be included in the communications.  Athletes have to be registered before the summer team meeting. An athlete may not participate in any activities with the team until registered.

What is the team formation meeting?

Once a team has been finalized, athletes and families must complete the following:

  1. Complete online registration
  2. Make sure your other forms (Medical Release Card, Code of Conduct ) have been completed through our online docusign portal
  3. Make payment arrangements to the Treasurer for tournament costs, team equipment expenses, etc. (cash, check or credit card)
  4. Register for volunteer positions
  5. Order uniforms through a provided link (sent via email)
  6. Participate in a meeting with team Coach and Directors to review upcoming season plan

Meeting times and locations for team formation will be conveyed to all parents / athletes when their athlete registration information is provided. Each athlete must have a parent or guardian who will attend the meeting. The athlete must also attend.

How do I order a uniform?

Next Generation Soccer Academy has partnered with Capelli Sport for uniforms. Each team will get a link to order all their training and uniform gear after the athlete has registered for the upcoming season.




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